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Barnard College is one of the top colleges in its class and region.

College Class: Baccalaureate Colleges: Arts & Sciences Focus
Region: Mid East


Total Enrollment (2021 – 2022): 2842



A score of 1.00 means the college maintains the average in its class and region. Any amount above 1.0 is the percentage by which Barnard College exceeds the average. For instance, a score of 1.34 means the college is performing at 34% above the average, and a score of 2.50 means the college is performing at 150% above the average.


Attainment at Barnard College

On-time Graduation Score: 1.34
The on-time graduation score is based on the percentage of students who start at a college and attain a degree at that college in the expected amount of time. This score reflects student satisfaction, as the number is affected by the percentage of students who stay all four years. It also reflects the college’s success at admitting those students who will benefit from higher education and supporting them through the entirety of the program.


However, it’s common for students to attend more than one college before attaining a degree. Overall, about 10 out of 10 students who start at Barnard College attain a degree at Barnard College or transfer to a different college and attain a degree there.


Earnings and Debt After Barnard College

Debt Score: 0.83 (For this score only, lower is better.)
Earnings Score: 1.21
Good Investment Score: 1.21
The Good Investment Score considers lifetime earnings relative to net tuition and debt.

Barnard College produces a positive return on investment. The score here reflects how this return compares to other colleges in the class and region.


Fields of Study at Barnard College:

·        Natural Resources And Conservation

·        Architecture And Related Services

·        Area, Ethnic, Cultural, Gender, And Group Studies

·        Computer And Information Sciences And Support Services

·        Education

·        Foreign Languages, Literatures, And Linguistics

·        English Language And Literature/Letters

·        Biological And Biomedical Sciences

·        Mathematics And Statistics

·        Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies

·        Philosophy And Religious Studies

·        Physical Sciences

·        Psychology

·        Social Sciences

·        Visual And Performing Arts

·        History


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