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Institutions recognized in these lists and rankings are granted the privilege of using the prestigious Best-In-Class Colleges logo and seal to showcase their accomplishments. Colleges display the seal on the footer of their websites, in their blogs, in social media, in catalogs, on convention displays, etc. To facilitate this, Best-In-Class Colleges offers a comprehensive Media Package that includes a collection of logo files for download.

For your convenience, you have code snippets below that you can simply copy and paste. Paste the code in an email to your website designer with instructions about adding the seal to the footer of your website and the recognitions page of your website. When writing blog posts, you can easily integrate the seal by following these steps: start a regular paragraph block, select an option such as “edit as HTML” from the available menus, and then paste the provided code snippet. Your chosen placement will automatically display a medium-sized logo within your blog post.

Best-In-Class Colleges Seal 2023

Code Snippet

<a href="" target="blank"><img src="" width="250 px" alt="Best-In-Class Colleges></a>
Best-In-Class Colleges Seal 2023
Best-In-Class Colleges Seal 2023

Code Snippet (White Seal)

<a href="" target="blank"><img src="" alt="Best-In-Class Colleges" width="250 px"></a>

Best-In-Class Colleges kindly request that you refrain from making alterations to the Best-In-Class Colleges logo. However, you have the freedom to adjust the blue color to a non-color such as white, gray, or black, according to the requirements of your design space. If necessary, your graphic designer can apply a subtle drop shadow to the entire logo to enhance its contrast with the background.

Linking to Best-In-Class Colleges

Feel free to create links to specific pages on as evidence of your institution’s inclusion. Please note that published rankings do not receive updates. Whenever there is an updated ranking, a new page is created. This provides the advantage of linking to honors for a specific year, ensuring that the linked page will remain unchanged in the future, allowing you to confidently showcase your achievements.

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